We are an entirely independent group, which aims to:

* Keep you informed on changes that affect travellers

using Hatfield Station


* Put forward the views of Hatfield Station users to

Great Northern Rail and other relevant organisations




If you are interested in receiving emails and or letting us know of issues which you feel are important

please send us an email: committee@hatfieldrail.com





Some of the areas we are interested in are:



* Planned timetable and route changes


* Trains from London stopping right at the end of Platform 3


* Lack of staff behind the counters, particularly at busy off-peak times such as Saturday mornings


* Delay/Repay policies from Great Northern should be made simpler


* The new KEY system and its potential to simplify refunds


* Retail units on the station


* Station appearance – to maintain the look and quality of the new station


* Issues with train service communications, including:

announcements, station information boards, inconsistencies in website and apps